Guided Walks - Lynn Pattison
In 2002 Lynn spotted an advertisement in the Whitehaven News, inviting women to attend a Rural Women’s Network course on Personal Development. Her daughters, whom she had brought up on her own, “had flown the nest” and she decided it was time to take her life in hand so she joined RWN and signed up on the course.

After attending the four sessions she says “I got part of my life back”. She had previously been called upon by a friend to baby sit, sometimes overnight and at short notice. Lynn placed assertive statements by the telephone and after one or two refusals, she has never been asked to baby sit again!

She has also learnt to have a very different approach to exploring new ideas as a direct result of attending this course. “I now always ask myself, “What’s the worst thing that can happen”, and 9 times out of 10 the answer is “they can only say no”. With this in mind, she approached the Whitehaven News and suggested they include a fortnightly feature about a walk in Western Cumbria on their Outdoors Page. In fact, they didn’t say “NO”, they agreed they would trial the idea for 6 months and two years later, she’s still writing the column.

Lynn published her first book “Walking for Softies” in 2003 and due to its success, she launched her second book at Gosforth Show in the Rural Women’s Network tent in August 2004.

With her new found confidence and after attending a Business Start up course, Lynn has just started a business offering Guided Walks for locals and holidaymakers alike, described as “Pleasure without the pain – spectacular views without the “up” bits”.