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The Interreg IIIC TOWER Project - Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Ten Cumbrian businesswomen have successfully completed a transnational Interreg IIIC (TOWER) 'Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs' Project:

Karen James - Kiddlywinks PreSchool Centre and Day Nursery, Penrith. (underconstruction)
Bernadette Stamper - High Head Sculpture Valley, Carlisle.
Chris Kearse - Halfmoon Wholefoods, Brampton. 01697 73775
Xenia Tran - Holistic Linguistics, Kendal.
Annette Gibbons - Cumbria on a Plate, Maryport.
Lynn Ballantine Dykes - Wardhall Dairy, Wigton.
Sue Bloy - Business Development Solutions Ltd, Keswick.
Laura Barnett - LMB Design, Ulverston.
Annie Caine - ASCET HR Solutions, Barrow.
Pauline Wright - Action Coach

Project Objectives
To run a sensitive, flexible and dynamic process for developing partnerships and person to person networking for inspiring female entrepreneurs and people from the support structure to extend and improve female entrepreneurship.

To exhange experiences, knowledge and ideas between entrepreneurs and support structures at local and regional levels across the three countries.

To run a series of workshops/lectures/activities designed to inspire women entrepreneurs and support structures to boost entrepeneurial spirit.

To maintain sustainable regional and trans national networking between the entrepreneurs involved and public/private partners.

To improve policy making and approaches to the topic of women entrepreneurship on a strategic level with the aim of improving regional economic growth strategies by integrating the cross-cutting criteria of gender equality.

The project involves 30 female entrepreneurs and 6 business support structures 
from 4 regions of Europe.

NW England - Cumbria
Voluntary Action Cumbria is the lead partner in the project
Contact: Dani Hudson on +44 (0)1768 840827 email:

France - Rhône Alps
Contact: Angelique de Silva on +33 4 78 77 36 04 email: 

East Central Sweden - Norrköpings and Örebro
Municipality of Norrköpings
Contact: Monica Hjern +46 (0) 11 153416 email:
Örebro County
Contact: Ingela Pihl 019 19 35 47 email:

Project Phases 
The project has 4 main phases;

Phase one began June 2006 - planning event.
Phase two involves 3 trans national workshops, Sweden - October 2006, France - March 2007 and UK - June 2007.
Phase three hosts several trans regional and regional interim activities.
Phase four provides the evaluation, production and dissemination of a good practice guide.

Sweden 2006
The participants spend two days in Sweden in October 2006, discussing networking and 
work/life balance.

Photo of networking
France (Lyon) 2007

In March 2007 the second transnational workshop took place in Lyon.  Personal development, leadership and management were the focus of the Lyon transnational meeting with a series of workshops led by participants.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs pictures at the Chamber of Commerce, Lyon
UK (Cumbria) 2007

The final transnational workshop, held June 2007 had a business development focus looking at issues of import and export, marketing and e-commerce.

The evaluation report of this project will be available shortly.  Please contact Dani Hudson for more details.

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