Kiddlywinks Nursery - Karen James
karenWith over 12 years of experience in children's education Karen had reached the top of the ladder working for other people. Ready for her next career challenge Karen decided to fulfil her dreams and set up her own day care Nursery business.

After 6 months of careful research and numerous consultations with a business advisor, Kiddlywinks Pre-School Centre and Day Nursery opened in November 2003 with a range of rooms catering for different children's development stages with an enclosed outdoor play garden to the rear.

Karen chose to set up a business in a field that she had a passion in and knew she could do well in. Under Karen's watchful eye the nursery strikes a professional balance between care, play and learning. Karen's aim is to ensure that every child enjoys personal attention as well as lots of interaction to enhance their social skills.

Karen originally employed 2 nursery nurses, but found that demand grew so quickly for her services that she was up to a team of 8 within 6 months.

The business has taken off beyond what Karen originally thought possible. It has been hard work, and sometimes demanding, but Karen has not looked back since she built up the confidence to make the move.